Zach Bryan Continues To Give The Fans New Music, Debuts Another Gem Called “Mine”

You gotta love Zach Bryan’s approach.

He’s secured some management, he’s working alongside super-producer Dave Cobb to put together a record, and through it all, he’s still putting up some back porch YouTube videos of new songs. Plenty of artists keep a tight lip on new material, and Zach could just as easily make everybody wait for some studio recordings, but he doesn’t seem to mind giving the fans these raw videos, simply for the joy sharing new music. It’s very refreshing.

You gotta love a guy that doesn’t take himself too seriously, and that’s basically what he told some troll on Twitter who called him the Dollar Tree version of Tyler Childers.

“Brother I’m gonna’ be honest here and say you’re overpricing me, I’d say more like a 5 & dime version. Just a guy writing songs dude, it’s not that serious I promise haha.”

This new one is called “Mine,” and just like many of the songs before it, it’s damn good.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock