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Nashville Area Man Arrested For Marijuana Lights Up A Joint In The Courtroom, Gets Arrested Again

Does this guy have to wear a back brace to support his huge balls?

Most people are on their best behavior when they go to court. Most people. But not Spencer Boston.

You see, Spencer likes smoking weed. Spencer believes that weed should be legalized here in Tennessee. So when Spencer was in court in Lebanon, Tennessee on a charge of (what else) drug possession, Spencer decided that he wanted to make a statement. So there, standing in front of the judge, Spencer pulled out a joint and lit up right in the middle of the courtroom.

Fucking ballsy. Dumb as shit, but ballsy.

Apparently after lighting up, Spencer turned around to make a statement to those sitting in the courtroom, but didn’t get very far before being taken into custody.

Now, I’ve spent my fair share of time in a courtroom (as a lawyer, not as a defendant… yet) and I’ve never seen any shit like this. I’ve had clients come to court for drug possession charges smelling like weed and wearing marijuana leaf logos all over their clothes. But I’ve never seen somebody take their advocacy so far as to light up right there in the middle of the courtroom. Hey, fight for what you believe in man…

Unfortunately for Spencer, weed is still illegal in Tennessee (and even if it wasn’t, I’m pretty sure you can’t smoke it in the courtroom) so in addition to his prior charges, Boston is now facing additional charges of disorderly conduct and simple possession, as well as 10 days in jail for contempt of court. He’s currently being held at the Wilson County jail on a $3,000 bond.

I mean, just look at his mugshot and that shit-eating grin on his face. Does Spencer look like somebody who regrets what he did? Fuck no, Spencer is proud as shit of himself for having the balls to smoke a joint in front of the judge in court.

That, or he’s still too high to realize how bad he fucked up.

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