Waffle House

Waffle House Offering Valentine’s Day Dinner With Roses, White Table Cloths, Candlelight, And The Lights Down Low


Can you smell it? That’s Waffle House, or Waffle Home, as many like to call it. A tradition that goes back over a decade, Waffle House will once again offer a romantic candlelight dinner for Valentine’s Day this year at about 200 locations.

They’re currently taking reservations and all dinners will come with roses/rose petals, white table cloths, candlelight, the lights down low, and a “special” menu for two including drinks and pie.

Waffle House

I’ll cut the bullshit. This sounds waaaaayyyy better than doing some overpriced night at some restaurant you walk away from saying “damn, that wasn’t worth it.” You DAMN WELL KNOW Waffle House is going to be worth it. V-Day is pretty stupid. If you actually love the person you choose to be with, you do this kind of stuff all the time (or should). You don’t wait for some dreary cold February night to buy someone flowers – do that all the time, and everyone is always happy.

“Hey, Happy Valentine’s Day sweetie. Here is a card from Walgreens I picked up 12 minutes ago…oh, and some chocolate.” 


The beauty of Waffle House goes well beyond the menu – you might even see some crazy shit go down.

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