Toby Keith’s Monday Night Football “Should’ve Been A Dallas Cowboy” Video Is Pure ’90s Country Gold

Oh my God, where has this been all my life?

When you spend most of your life browsing the interwebs, you’re bound to strike gold every once and a while, and ladies and gentleman, today is one of those glorious days.

Straight from the VHS vault, we have stumbled upon an old Monday Night Football intro starring country music’s own Toby Keith and a “Should’ve Been A Dallas Cowboy” version of his 1993 debut single. And for all you kids out there, VHS was how we watched movies and recorded TV shows before we had DVDs and technology like TiVo.

But anyways… that beautifully permed mullet he’s rocking is quintessential ’90s hair and honestly, I don’t know if I’ve ever given Toby credit for a good lookin’ mullet, but we’re talkin’ 100% Big Mullet Energy right here. Not to mention that vintage Cowboys jacket, the corny rewritten lyrics to a popular song at the time… can we just go back to times like this? Life would be so much simpler and probably more enjoyable.

Either way, this might just be the highlight of your week. You’re welcome.

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