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George Kittle Is Bringing Wife And Son Of Fallen Solider To The Super Bowl

George Kittle is a class act.

Not only is he one of the best tight ends in all of football, he’s one of the best all-around dudes in all of football. This coming Sunday, in addition to all his friends and family, George will also be bringing the wife and son of Sgt. Martin “Mick” LaMar to the Super Bowl with him. Sgt. LaMar was killed in action in Iraq back in January of 2011.

According to ESPN, the trip is in partnership with the USAA and the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors.

“The work I do with the USAA and the TAPS organization is something I really have kind of fallen in love with,” Kittle said. “I have a lot of family in the military so it’s something that I just respect, and the sacrifice that they give is the ultimate sacrifice. So, if I can ever give back and make a family’s day or just make them smile a little bit, then I’ve just done a little part in their lives.”

Thanks to Kittle, Sgt. LaMar’s wife Josie and his 16-year-old son Nicolas will be going to Miami for the Super Bowl.

“As I hit the field to play in the Super Bowl, I find comfort in the fact that 49ers fans Josie and Nicolas LaMar will be cheering our team. It’s a special privilege to be able to team up with USAA and TAPS to award a trip to the Super Bowl to Sergeant LaMar’s family in recognition of his military service and paying the ultimate sacrifice in service of our country.”


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