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Ashley McBryde Debuts Encouraging New Song “Hang In the Girl”

Is it April 3rd yet?

Following up current single “One Night Standards,” and the hard-charging murder ballad “Martha Divine,” Ashley is back with another cut from her highly anticipated sophomore album, Never Will.

Titled “Hang In There Girl,” the new song was actually inspired by a frustrated young girl who was out at the mailbox. In a Apple Music Beats 1 interview, Ashley described in detail how the song came to be:

“There’s this highway that I drive to my little place where I live, it’s out in the middle of nowhere and I actually saw this girl, she was in sweat pants, not that there’s anything wrong with wearing sweatpants, for goodness sake. She was out at the mailbox. She was just kind of frustrated at the world and at the mailbox, she kind of kicking the dirt and I remember feeling like that. I grew up on a cattle farm. I’m really proud of how I grew up, but I remember being 15 and being frustrated with the world and I thought if I could just pull over and tell her that in three years you’re going to have a car and you’re going to get out of here-You’re going to look back really fondly on growing up in the middle of nowhere. If you’ll just hang in there, you’re going to be okay. But then I thought about how creepy it would be if I pulled over and told this girl that it was okay to be frustrated and to hang in there, total stranger. So then a couple of days later, I went to Jeremy Bussey who I wrote ‘Girl Going Nowhere’ with and told him that story. So we wrote, ‘Hang in There.'”

Ashley’s upcoming album featuring the new song “Hang In There Girl” is set to drop on April 3rd. Mark your calendars.

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