The New Motorola Razr Will Officially Launch Next Month

Goodbye iPhone…

After a bit of a delay due to overwhelming demand, the new Motorola Razr will officially hit shelves next month. Some might say Motorola is preying on the addictive nature of nostalgia and to that I say, more power to ’em.

Imagine going back to 2005. You’re driving down the road in that hooptie of a vehicle you bought, windows are down, Alan Jackson is cranked on your aftermarket speakers that you paid some kid in your class $100 bucks to install and he did a shitty job but whatever. You’re about to T9 (at a red light of course, because safety first) that pretty thang you been eyeballing in study hall on your brand new Motorola RAZR and life is literally perfect. If part of you doesn’t want to back there, you’re a damn liar.

Oh and green text bubbles? Psh…deal with it.

The only downside? This thing will run you nearly $1,500 bucks. A far cry from the $400 bucks you paid in 2004, but that’s life. Once again, deal with it.

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A beer bottle on a dock