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Jameson’s Cold Brew Irish Whiskey Is Officially Coming To The United States

Back in September, Jägermeister announced that would be releasing a 33% ABV cold brew coffee, and while it sounds like a great way to top off an Irish coffee in the morning, let’s face it, nobody over the age of 14 is getting pumped about drinking Jäger. Sorry guys…

However, as of right now, somebody else has jumped on this alcoholic cold brew coffee train and they might know a thing or two about putting together and impeccable Irish coffee. We’re talking about the good people at Jameson.

For the first time, Jameson is bringing their cold brew infused Irish whiskey to the United States. Clocking in at 30% ABV and 17 mg of caffeine per shot, it’s the perfect addition to your morning coffee. Jameson also recommends 2-parts Jameson Cold Brew, 1-part Cold Brew coffee, and ½-parts simple syrup for a cocktail they’ve dubbed the “Brewtini.”

Look for it to hit shelves in March for a price somewhere in the neighborhood of $25 bucks.

Breakfast will never be the same.

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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock