Midland Perform New Single “Cheatin’ Songs” Live From The Iconic Palomino Club

For one night only, the legendary Palomino Club in Los Angeles opened its doors again and the fellas from Midland were bestowed the honor of performing on its hallowed ground. Everyone from Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson to Buck Owens and Patsy Cline have performed there.

And when you get a shot to play at a venue like that, you have to break out the video cameras.

“Places like this are disappearing,” said lead singer Wystrach, “so you want to remember, to grab the moments while you still can. We live for hardcore honky-tonks, and to bring that back to a place that’s seen Gary Stewart, Freddy Fender, punk bands, Rick Nelson and Asleep at the Wheel, it’s an honor to connect – even for one night – to that kind of past.”

“You think about who’s been on this stage,” added bassist/vocalist Cam Duddy, “you can’t help but feel connected to so much greatness. We draw on the past for what we do. So to be able to come here, to return the Palomino to what it was meant to be – even for one night – that means something.”

Recorded live from the Palomino Club, watch as Midland perform their latest single “Cheatin’ Songs.”

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