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Certified Genius Registers “Beer” As An Emotional Support Animal

Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Sir Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla… Floyd Hayes?

Floyd just cemented his place among the brightest minds that human history has ever known. How you might ask? He just registered “beer” as his emotional support animal… successfully.

According to Ale Street News, Floyd was given registration code 1085780890 for his emotional support animal “beer,” which he needs to help him combat his social anxiety disorder. Where would he like to take his emotional support beer? On public transit.

“I travel from upstate to Brooklyn a lot, and on the bus they say its a federal crime to smoke or have an alcoholic beverage unless by prior written contest, and I always wondered where you get that consent,” said Floyd Hayes. “Not that I’m an alcoholic.”

While he technically did register “beer,” that argument might not exactly fly with the local authorities, AKA the New York Police. But according to the New York Post, it’s been smooth sailing so far. While waiting for the bus the other day, Floyd had a pint in hand and not police officers gave him any trouble.

What a move, an absolute legendary move. If he carries around a koozie that looks like an animal service vest, I’ll lost my shit.

Either way, ladies and gentleman, I present to you Mr. Floyd Hayes… certified genius.

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h/t: BroBible

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A beer bottle on a dock