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Texas Man Hides In Bushes, Steals Ex’s Burger King Because Another Dude Bought It, Gets Charged With Theft

I love a story that screams “Florida” but gives the spotlight to some other states.

This gem comes to us from Austin, TX (we were just there for Wes’ bachelor party and our brains still aren’t firing at full speed).

According to Fox7, a woman called police after her ex-boyfriend stole her bag of Burger King in a sneak attack.

As the victim approached her apartment, the ex was hiding in the bushes, jumped out, grabbed her food and took off like a bat out of hell to his place.  Police arrested Ervin Johnson for theft, and he admitted he was pissed another man was buying his ex-girlfriend Burger King.

You ever have one of those delivery services get lost finding your building/house when delivering your food and you have a mental breakdown convinced you’ll never eat again? You were looking forward to it so much, and the joy just gets ripped from your soul. Now imagine that feeling but it’s your ex jumping out of a fucking bush to take your Whopper.


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock