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Maren Morris To Pregnancy Pic Haters: “Sorry Bozo… I Don’t Have Any F*cking Hair Vitamins Or Tummy Tea To Sell You”

Maren Morris is currently enjoying her third trimester of pregnancy, and absolutely ROASTING haters in the mean time.

As all new moms do, Maren has been sharing various pregnancy pics and tweets, chronicling her new journey into motherhood. And because it’s the internet and people suck, there appears to have been quite a few of those “we get it, you’re pregnant” type comments. In other words, “STOP sharing your life with your fans.”

However, Maren’s response left the innocent bystanders laughing their asses off and sent those wannabe beauty bloggers running for cover.

You know exactly the type. The ones with a few thousand followers and 50 consecutive Instagram stories trying to sell you on some detox tea, some miracle protein shake, or some bullshit rock crystal that will make you skinnier, richer, prettier, whatever…. they’re the most insufferable folks on Instagram.

And, Maren just put them all in a bodybag. Oh, and by the way, calling someone a “bozo” is highly underrated. Gotta love it.

Needless to say, Twitter LOVED it.

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A beer bottle on a dock