The Rock Pleads With Fans To Hug Their Loved Ones Following The Death Of His Father

The Rock just shared a nearly 8 minute video following the death of his father where he thanks his fans for the incredibly support, and also gives some insight to how his dad passed.

“It was a big ol’ blood clot that broke free, traveled up his body, and went right to his lung and clotted his lung and he died very quickly from a massive heart attack, just like that.”

Johnson’s concern was if his father experienced pain. Fortunately, he did not.

“My question was ‘Was he in pain? Did he go quick? Was it drawn out?’ …He went quick. That’s my old man, he was always quick.”

Throughout the video he pleads with anyone and everyone watching to make sure your loved ones know just how much they mean to you.

“Text them. Call them. Go see them, if they’re close by and if you can hug them, I want you to hug them. You tell them that these are the marching orders from Dwayne Johnson who just lost his old man. But you hug them and you hug them hard.”

Fittingly, following the recording of the video, Rock said he was going to go crush a leg workout in his old man’s honor.

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