Riley Green Performs Unreleased New Song “Ain’t Like I Can Hide It”

I live for unreleased content and Riley Green is always providing us with some of the best of it. He ain’t afraid to give his fans a taste of something new, even if he’s still working it out. You have to love him for that.

He recently performed a new one he wrote with Bobby Pinson about being staying true yourself, unafraid to hide who you really are. For Riley, the inspiration was birthed out of radio tour trip to the West Coast. Folks are doing life a little differently than they are back home in Alabama.

I was going on radio tour and me and Bobby Pinson were written that day, and I was telling him that they’re like ‘When you go out to California be careful in the interviews and don’t talk about hunting and stuff because they don’t like hunting out there.’ And was like ‘Hell, it ain’t like I can hide it, I’m redneck and they’re gonna know it when I get out there and they see me.’ So we wrote this song that day.”

I’m here for it.

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A beer bottle on a dock