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Busch Light Is Giving Fans $1 Off For Every Inch Of Snow This Winter

It’s been relatively mild here in Chicago so far, but according to the Farmer’s Almanac, the Heartland is in for some deep shit this winter. We’re talking cold temperatures, heavy snowfall, the whole nine yards…

Thankfully, the good folks of Busch Light are once again coming through, looking to ease our pain with some free beer.

From now until March 21, Busch will monitor the snowfall in select cities across the Midwest/Great Lakes and for every inch of snow, you’re going to get $1 back on any purchase of Busch Light. Cities with tracked snowfall include Des Moines, IA; Grand Rapids, MI; Minneapolis, MN; Fargo, ND; Omaha, NE; Buffalo, NY; Green Bay, WI. So if it snows 6 inches in Fargo during the time frame, North Dakota residents will get 6$ off their Busch Light. Rebates will be capped at $30 bucks, although if we wind up with more than 30 inches of snow, we probably have bigger problems.

“We know some of our biggest fans are going to experience a lot of snow this winter, which can make things a little rough,” says Daniel Blake, Senior Director of Marketing at Anheuser-Busch. “There’s not much worse than a snowstorm hitting and your stock of Busch being low, so this is a fun way to make our fans’ lives a little easier this season in those snowy cities.”

If it’s cold, it might as well be snowing, and if it’s snowing, you might as well be drinking, and if you’re drinking, it might as well be cheap, so that being said, I motion we all start praying for snow immediately.

All in favor?

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