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American Aquarium On “Way Down” by Tim McGraw: “What In The Actual F*ck”

By now you know Twitter was an absolute dumpster fire after Tim McGraw and Shy Carter performed “Way Down” ahead of the National Championship game.

Yes, even a ton of Tim’s fans voiced their displeasure with the song.

If you actually read the lyrics of this song they get uh…strange, as American Aquarium pointed out in a tweet.

* these are the actual lyrics

“’Ya’ll know what I’m talking about
Put your mouth to the spout
where the gospel comes out
Way down, way down, way down, way down, way down, way down’

These are real lyrics to the new Tim McGraw song.

What in the actual fuck.’

Tim, let’s just get a new song out there and leave this one behind us shall we?

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