Comedian’s Mind Is Blown When He Discovers Red Dirt Country For The First Time

Josh has seen the light.

If you remember a couple weeks back, we shared a viral video from comedian Josh Pray, who recently discovered the wonderful world of Luke Combs. He said if Tupac was still alive, he’d be calling up Luke to do a country version of “California Love.”

He’s back with another country music rant, but this time, he’s talking about Red Dirt Country. Titled “Red Dirt Country Music is LIT,” this video has already received over 550,000 views.

“Regular country be like baby don’t leave. You gonna break my heart. It’s gonna be like a hurricane like Luke Combs. Red Dirt got me feeling like if you leave, who cares? Your sister finer than you anyways.”

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock