Cody Canada Opens Up On “Ragweed” By Koe Wetzel – “I Endorse Everything He Does”

This past week, Cody Canada was honored at the 35th annual MusicFest at Steamboat Springs as the music festival’s 2020 Tribute Artist.

One hell of an honor no doubt, but what about “Ragweed,” the Koe Wetzel tribute song to the great Cross Canadian Ragweed? In a recent interview with The Playlist, Cody shared his thoughts on the song, and the comparisons that people are drawing between him and Koe.

“I saw a couple of shows and it really is the not giving a shit, but giving a shit… we really do care about our reputation but we also want our reputation to be wild because it makes people listen. And that’s what Koe’s doin’… I’m really glad that we, I guess, got him off his ass to do it… But I endorse everything he does. I’m proud of him.”

And as far as a Cross Canadian Ragweed reunion goes, “Ragweed” has reignited that conversation among fans.

“Everybody had really finally stopped asking me when the band was getting back together and then he put out that fucking song, thanks buddy… but no I like the song, it’s awesome and it is an honor. I’ve never been really good with compliments and stuff like that and I feel like we’re all in this together and everybody needs to act accordingly. Don’t be a poser. I hate posers more than anything and I don’t think Koe’s one. He means it and he’s one of those dudes that if you don’t like it, somebody else will… for him to honor the name of our band, I’m sure he turned a lot of people on to the band that never heard of it because we’ve been broken up for 10 years.”

You gotta love it when a young gun comes on the scene, starts kicking ass, and still has the humility to tip their cap to the artist(s) that paved the way before them. And then to hear the mutual respect from Cody, it’s just one of those things that makes the Texas/Red Dirt country music scene so special.

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