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Chiefs Lineman Snags A Fan’s Beer, Goes Stone Cold Steve Austin In Touchdown Celebration

You’re up 24-0, and end up losing the game 31-51.

A huge fucking disaster of a problem indeed…

However, Chiefs lineman Eric Fisher might also have a problem. A minor problem. Something in the form of a fine from the NFL front office.

After a Blake Bell touchdown, Fisher went full-blown Stone Cold Steve Austin on a couple of Bud Light tallboys in the end zone. Sucks for the fan that probably just spent like $54 on two beers, but as far as end zone cellys go, it’s gotta be one of the best of the season. Whether you’re celebrating a touchdown, about to punch your ticket to the AFC Championship game, or maybe you’re a manager at Best Buy, pumping up the rest of the sales team before Black Friday, you can never go wrong with the Stone Cold Steve Austin.

When Ravens CB Marcus Peters shotgunned a beer in the stands a few weeks ago, Bud Light matched his $14,000 fine with a charity donation. Hopefully they’ll do the same for Big Fish here.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock