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One Of The Most Awkward Moments In ‘Bachelor’ History Involves Chase Rice This Season

I live for bad TV.

You’ll see us live tweeting (@WhiskeyRiff) this season of The Bachelor, and I fucking love it if I’m being honest with myself.

There’s been a lot in the news regarding contestant Victoria F.  – this one.

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So, here’s the rundown. Apparently a lot of bad shit comes out about Victoria eventually, but the most cringey and awkward moment actually has to do with Chase Rice.

According to Reality Steve who knows everything about this show and gets all the big spoilers, Chase and Victoria were once a thing to some extent.

Here’s what he said on Twitter – @RealitySteve

TRUTH: I get emailed a lot of things about contestants. Before the show ever started filming, I was emailed quite a few things about Victoria. One thing in the laundry list that was sent me was that she definitely had spent time with/hung out/dated Chase Rice pre-show…

That’s why he follows her on IG. I don’t know how serious it was, how long it was for, or how/why it ended. But don’t think for a second Victoria being on today’s 1-on-1 wasn’t done on purpose. Will be interesting to see if anything comes of it.

He continues:

I love a terribly awkward and uncomfortable situation, and this is just golden. Pilot Peter and Victoria go on a 1-on-1 and CHASE RICE PERFORMS FOR THEM AND NOBODY KNOWS IT’S GOING TO BE HAPPENING. HAHAHAHA CLASSIC evil ways by the show’s producers. Slick/sick fucks – gotta give ’em credit.

Brutally awkward video here when they realize Chase Rice is on stage.

And Victoria is not happy.


Chase Rice says there ain’t no love triangle, he was duped by producers too, and was there to promote his music.

What a season ahead.

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