Inspired By Hannah Brown’s Convo With Peter On ‘The Bachelor,’ Jake Owen Writes New Song, “Alabama Hannah”

Jake Owen in camouflage uniform

Jake Owen, Ray Fulcher, and Drew Parker sat down and wrote a country song inspired by…The Bachelor/Bachelorette. Before you punch your computer, let me walk you through this…

If you watch the show (make sure you follow our live tweets), you know Hannah Brown showed up on episode one of Peter’s season as The Bachelor Monday night. It was a fucking mess, so, the boys had to write about it.

“Monday night, my girlfriend had the damn TV on and all you heard about on the new Bachelor was Alabama Hannah, it was just Alabama Hannah everywhere. She won’t go away.”

“Believe it or not, I met her on the last season of The Bachelorette, I played ‘Made For You’ (on a date)” Jake said. “She’s a cool girl. This is not even a dig at the actual Alabama Hannah.”

“But I started feeling something for this Peter guy…”

“This has nothing to do with the actual Bachelorette. This is just everyday life.”

Gotta give these fellas credit – it’s actually a good country song. Also, I wanted to mention this – it’s always fun to see an artist like Jake still take time to go live with his fans, play music, engage, have fun, not take shit too seriously, and not worry about portraying some stale/cookie-cutter image on social media. The young artists of today could do a little more of this.

Side note: we saw a lot of tweets angry at Jake saying he stole this from Eric Church…obviously, you now know that’s not the case.

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