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Brandy Clark Releases Lead Single From Upcoming Album, ‘Your Life Is A Record’

It’s always a good day when Brandy Clark is releasing new music.

When we’re lost among the snap tracks, programmed drum beats, and corny lyrics that constantly plague country radio, Brandy Clark is our compass, always pointing us towards the true north of good country music. The kind built on great songwriting and storytelling.

Her new song “Who You Thought I Was” is our first taste from her upcoming album, Your Life Is A Record.

“The seed of the song came from something that John Prine said a couple of years ago at the Americana Awards. He walked out onstage at the Ryman and everyone stood up and clapped for what felt like five minutes. When everyone sat down, he said with a little laugh, ‘Well, I’m John Prine, but I’d like to go back to being who you thought I was.’ Man… that hit me. The songwriter in me instantly knew it was a song and the heart in me knew it was how I had felt in my own life many times. I mean who of us hasn’t let somebody down or wanted to be the version of ourselves that someone who loved us thought we were?”

Your Life is a Record, featuring the new lead single “Who You Thought I Was,” is set to drop on March 6th.

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Your Life Is A Record Track List:

1. I’ll Be the Sad Song
2. Long Walk
3. Love is a Fire
4. Pawn Shop
5. Who You Thought I Was
6. Apologies
7. Bigger Boat (feat. Randy Newman)
8. Bad Car
9. Who Broke Whose Heart
10. Can We Be Strangers
11. The Past is the Past

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