AJ McLean (The Backstreet Boy) Tries To Cover Chris Stapleton’s “Drunkard’s Prayer” & It’s Downright Embarrassing

First quarter of the game and you’re already throwing up Hail Marys?

On his boundary-breaking path to “disrupt” country music, AJ McLean just continues to put forth performances that range from barely mediocre at best, to absolute piles of dog shit. His debut single “Back Porch Bottle Service,” was much more the latter (read the full review), and in this cover, we yet again, find our 5th Backstreet Boy swinging for the fences and coming up woefully, woefully short.

The 40-year-old backup singer, fresh into his dead-end country music career, took a shot as Sir Chris Stapleton’s “Drunkard’s Prayer” and all I can say is woof.

Just woof…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock