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Animal Shelter Sees “Surge” In Adoption Calls and Donations After Tyler Childers Visit

Not only is Tyler Childers making some of the best country music known to man, he’s also helping the animals.

On New Year’s Eve, Ned Pillersdorf shared the following photo of Childers from Floyd County Animal Shelter in Kentucky. According to the Herald Leader, the shelter experienced a “surge” in calls to adopt animals after the photo was posted on Facebook.

The photo also resulted in an increase in donations which is much needed for the shelter according to Jackie Brown who works there.

“It’s an old building. It needs some work. If you walk in and the first thing you see is broke, it automatically throws you off. You assume, ‘They can’t be caring for their animals. They have a hole in their roof.’”

With the newfound attention, donations, and increase in adoptions, the shelter hopes to make the necessary changes to the building so the animals can have the best facility possible.

Bravo, Mr. Childers. 

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Ned Pillersdorf/Facebook
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