New Ford Bronco Renderings Give Fans Picture Of What The 2021 Bronco Might Look Like

We’re just a couple months from the release of highly-anticipated 2021 Ford Bronco and while there have been some concepts created on the internet, some pieces and parts leaked and some patents shared, we still don’t know what it’s going to look like.

According to Ford, the Bronco will make it’s official debut this spring, with the first ones rolling off the lot later in the fall. There are also developmental plans for a Bronco pickup in the works, but still in the early stages, we probably won’t see that for a few years.

Which brings us to today, and thanks to the folks at the Bronco6G forum, we have some pretty cool 3D renderings of what the Bronco might actually look like, or if nothing else come close. Based on specs, leaks, and the already released Bronco R Baja race version of the vehicle, here’s forum member TopRecon’s best guess at what we’re going to see.

Get excited.

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