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Tyler Childers Helped Cleaning Crew Sweep Up After His Sold-Out New Year’s Eve Show At Appalachian Wireless Arena

As if you already didn’t have enough reasons to love Tyler Childers, he just gave you one more.

Tyler Childers closed the book on 2019 with a series of shows at Appalachian Wireless Arena in Pikeville, Kentucky, not too far from his home town. Back-to-back-to-back, sold out shows on December 27th and 28th and then one final performance on New Year’s Eve. Three nights in front of 7,000 strong.

And while faces were rocked, cold beers were drank and good country music was performed, it was a photograph of the aftermath that has grabbed the viral attention of the internet. Taken by Larry R. Miller, the Assistant General Manager and Director of Operations at Appalachian Wireless Arena, this photo shows Tyler himself sweeping up the venue along with the cleaning crew. The Grammy-nominated headliner of the show, the guy that just played for over 20,000 people in the past few days, and he’s humbly standing there with a broom in his hand. And while you can’t quite make out his face from this distance, the photo has since been shared nearly 6,000 times.

“FYI… if you weren’t a fan before you need to be now! The guy with the broom helping The Appalachian Wireless Arena Cleaning Crew is none other than Tyler Childers himself. #stayhumble I love this kid after 3 days.”

Class act.

Here’s a video clip of the midnight countdown, featuring the confetti explosion that Tyler was sweeping up the next day.

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