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North Carolina Town Ends Traditional New Year’s Eve Possum Drop, Replaces It With Womanless Beauty Pageant & Wrestling Match

I’ve never been to Andrews, North Carolina. But damn if I don’t want to now, because it sounds like they throw one hell of a redneck New Year’s Eve there.

But one New Year’s Eve tradition in Andrews is coming to an end: The Possum Drop.

Apparently, since the early 1990’s, the town has dropped a possum at midnight as a “redneck response” to the Times Square ball drop. I’m not sure how I’ve never heard of this, but if I had, my ass would have been on the next plane to Andrews, North Carolina to ring in the new year.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the mayor of Andrews, James Reid, unfortunately got tired of receiving angry calls about the possum drop, so the tradition is coming to an end. Just one more awesome thing that 2019 has cancelled. Thanks a lot PETA, you stupid fucks.

But you know that any town that dropped a possum for the past 20 years isn’t going to replace their traditional with any ordinary New Year’s Eve party. According to Reid, the town plans to bring in 2020 with a “womanless beauty pageant” (what the fuck?) and a professional wrestling match. You know there are going to be more than a few “hold my beer” moments at this party. It sounds fucking incredible.

New Year’s Eve is usually the most overhyped holiday of them all. Everybody gets their expectations up with this “new year, new me” bullshit, and then ends up having a shit night at some packed party where everybody is drunk and miserable. But leave it to rednecks to solve this problem in the most redneck way possible.

I guess it’s time to make plans for New Year’s Eve 2021. Even if there won’t be a possum drop.

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