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Titans Coach Mike Vrabel To Texans Player: “I Don’t Even Know Who You Are. Who The F**k Is That D*ckwad?”

Playoff football is here.

Yesterday, the Tennessee Titans beat the Houston Texans (who were resting their stars) 35-14, to advance to the playoffs. Now they’ll head to New England to face the Patriots where Titans’ head coach Mike Vrabel played for eight seasons.

Should be a good game, but let’s talk about Vrabel a bit more. The guy is not too far from his playing days, as was evident yesterday when the cameras caught him going back and forth with a Texans player.

You don’t have a to be a great lip-reader with this one…

“I don’t even know who you are. Who the fuck is that dickwad?”

Coaches that could probably still kick the asses of a lot of active players? Mike Vrabel. He looks like he could still put on the pads too.


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A beer bottle on a dock