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RANKED: Eric Church’s 10 Most Underrated Songs

With the year (and the decade) coming to a close, it’s always a good time to reflect back on everything country music has given us.

Eric Church was obviously one of the biggest acts in all of 2019, (and rightful Entertainer of the Year) but what about some of those songs that have slipped through the cracks over the years? The songs that didn’t quite get the credit they deserved. We’re talking Eric’s most underrated songs EVER.

But what does “underrated” really mean? When you’ve been doing this thing as long as Eric, and have 70+ amazing songs over the span of 6 records, we have to come to terms on how we define underrated. For example, “These Boots” was never a single and many casual country fans (people like my mom) might not know it, but it’s legendary among Church fans. Therefore, there’s no way in hell we can call it underrated. Same goes for the more recent “Mistress Named Music.” With a huge part of Eric’s show being centered around his “Mistress Named Music Medley,” we can’t call it underrated, even if it was a only a deep cut by itself. And finally, we’re not including unreleased songs because they never had the chance to be “rated” in the first place.

And the beauty of it all it that there are no wrong answers.

My list won’t look like your list, and my list might not even look like my own list in a few years. And that’s what makes music great. No matter what stage of life you’re in, good songs will always meet you where you are.

So that being said, here’s my top 10 most underrated Eric Church songs.

10. “Higher Wire”

Favorite track off the latest album.

9. “Keep On”

Badass with a capital “B.”

8. “What I Almost Was”

From the album that started it all.

7. “Livin’ Part Of Life”

This song just makes me happy.

6.“A Man Who Was Gonna Die Young”

It has a stripped down music video, but it’s basically the little brother of “Like Jesus Does,” i.e. amazing.

5. “Those I’ve Loved”

If you’ve lived long enough, you can relate to this song.

4. “Knives Of New Orleans”

Nothing like an ambiguous manhunt set in New Orleans.

3. “The Hard Way”

Hard truths in this one.

2. “Lightning”

It does have a music video as well, but storytelling like this is what made country music great.

1. “Where She Told Me To Go”


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