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Hear Ronnie Dunn’s Version Of Chris Stapleton’s “Heart Letting Go”

When it comes to covering Chris Stapleton, there’s only a few names out there can do him a semblance of justice. Luke Combs’ cover of “Tennessee Whiskey” (which I know Chris didn’t write) comes to mind, but back in 2014, the great Ronnie Dunn released a song called “Heart Letting Go” and it’s one of those “stop what you’re doing and listen” kind of tracks.

Written by Chris Stapleton and Al Anderson “Heart Letting Go” was never released by Christ Stapleton. In fact, the only performance of the song I can find was from a benefit for East Kentucky tornado victims at Nashville’s Station Inn back in 2012. Even in the intro, Chris laughs that the song “may or may not come out someday.”

The video has 1.2 million views to date, perhaps a good indicator that he should’ve definitely been recorded it someday. And it was, but not by Chris Stapleton.

Chris Stapleton

A few years later, the great Ronnie Dunn recorded it for his 2014 Peace, Love, & Country Music record. Like I said earlier, it’s damn near impossible to outdo Chris Stapleton, especially on his own song, but if anybody is going to take a run at it, Ronnie Dunn is the guy. Much like Chris Stapleton, Ronnie Dunn can sing the hell out of any song you put in front of him. His upcoming Re-Dunn cover album will prove that.

And while I’ll admit that this one fell through the cracks for me, it popped up on the shuffle this morning. And thankfully it did. Because right now, I’m convinced that it just might be the best kept secret in country music.

Ronnie Dunn

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