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Drunk Fan Crashes Eagles Postgame Press Conference With Hard Hitting Question About Eli Manning

Top notch security over there at Lincoln Financial Field eh?

During last night’s postgame press conference, Eagles coach Doug Pederson was addressing the media when he was interrupted by a clearly intoxicated fan with a hard hitting question about playing against Eli Manning next week.

“Coach, meeting Eli next week, what do you think?”

Doug was not amused, calling a timeout on his own press conference.

“Who is this? Is he with the media? Is he credentialed?”

Eventually the man was escorted out with Coach Pederson joking “holy cow, this will be on SportsCenter.”

Big win for the Eagles last night. They’re in first place in the division at 8-7 and put themselves in the driver’s seat with yesterday’s win against Dallas. Can you blame the fans for being excited? Somebody’s drunk dad wandered off after a few too many celebratory beers and the next thing you know he’s slurring words at the postgame press conference. All was well and good until he opened his mouth with an idiot question about the teams former starting quarterback.

All he had to do was sit there quietly and enjoy the presser that he was lucky enough to sneak into, but no, he had to pull the typical dad move, open his  big dumb mouth, and bring up the starting quarterback from a few years ago. And just like that, Dougie P was on to him and he had to go.

Props for sneaking in, rookie move with the Eli Manning question, but hey, it’s sports comedy gold for the rest of us.

And meanwhile, the Bears still suck…

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