Add Randy Travis’ ‘A Holiday To Remember’ To Your Christmas Movie Watch List

My favorite part of this season is the freedom to not leave my house for days at a time and indulging in hours and hours of terrible holiday movies.

The basis of every Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movie is the same: the main character’s parent died and they haven’t dealt with their grief, causing them to burry themselves in work and avoid finding love at all costs. They then happen to stumble into their soulmate in some weird and ironic way just days before Christmas. I fit all the background criteria, so I’m waiting on this to happen to me. It hasn’t, so I find it to be incredibly unrealistic.

Anyway, as I haven’t left my house in three days, I’ve watched a whole variety of these really awful holiday movies. Today, I was scrolling through the options and I stumbled across Randy Travis’s Christmas movie, A Holiday to Remember. It was originally released in 1995 on ABC Family and was based on a novel A Christmas Love by Kathleen Creighton. It’s still incredibly cheesy, not to mention being super dated, but hey, at least you’re watching Randy Travis in his prime.

If you’re searching for holiday movies that are a little less awful than the current Hallmark and Lifetime creations, I suggest you check this one out. If this doesn’t get your fix, he also was in Christmas on the Bayou which first aired on Lifetime in 2013.

Plus, the whole movie is on YouTube.

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