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Drink The Heartache Away With Travis Tritt’s “Small Doses” Written by Chris Stapleton

A little hidden gem of a throwback to get the whiskey flowing.

As I was shuffling through some of my 00’s country playlists, I landed on Travis Tritt‘s “Small Doses” from the album, My Honky Tonk History, released in 2004. It’s a good ol’ country song about using whiskey to heal the heartbreak. No bells or whistles or snaps. Just a rock solid down in the dumps tune to get the mind right, or to get even more depressed – just depends on the situation.

The song was written by Jerry Salley and the one and only Chris Stapleton.

Small, small doses
A sip at a time
A little whiskey and water
I’ll sit here all night
Some live with heartaches
But I’m killing mine
With small, small doses
A sip at a time

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock