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Women Are Drugging And Robbing Men In Downtown Nashville

Men, watch what you drink if you’re partying in Nashville. And I don’t just mean avoid pounding too many Fireball shots at Honky Tonk Central.

According to a report by WSMV, Metro Police have confirmed that they believe women are now targeting men downtown by drugging and robbing them.

The latest incident happened in November, when a 58-year old Massachusetts resident was out drinking with his son and his nephew at The Diner, just off of Lower Broadway. After the son and nephew left to go to another bar, the man struck up a conversation with an unknown woman (go ahead, shoot your shot dad), and the next thing he knew he was waking up in the Metro jail.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking: This 58-year old was probably just trying to impress the ladies and started throwing back tequila shots until he passed out. But, the man claims that the last thing he remembers was ordering his third drink at The Diner. He would later find out that the police discovered him passed out in a chair in a hotel lobby – miles away from the hotel was staying in. Police said the man was unable to form coherent sentences, and he was taken to jail on a charge of public intoxication. (The charge was dropped later that same day).

Not only was the man’s memory of the night gone, but so were his credit and debit cards, his phone, and at least $500. The man was able to track his phone, and found out that it had been all over middle Tennessee, eventually ending up about 45 minutes away in Murfreesboro.

Once the man realized what had happened, he filed a police report claiming that he had been drugged.

This isn’t the first report of something like this happening in Nashville this year. According to the WSMV report, at least five men have confirmed that they were drugged in downtown Nashville this year. During the NFL draft earlier this year, two men reported being drugged while drinking at Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar, with one waking up naked in his home to realize that he had been robbed of $7,500 and a Gucci watch and ring.

A Metro police commander told WSMV that they believe “unrelated groups of women” are travelling to Nashville to target men who are out drinking by drugging and robbing them. Police say the women are coming from “as far as Wisconsin and Minnesota,” which just goes to prove that you can’t trust people who wear fucking cheese hats.

According to police, “These women know they’ve got a pretty good place to go hunting.” Hunting? If they wanted to go hunting they would have stayed in fucking Wisconsin and Minnesota and shot a moose or elk or whatever kind of animals they have up there in their backyard. These women don’t want to go hunting, they want to fucking ruin people’s lives.

Police have managed to arrest a few of the women for the robberies, but have yet to charge any of them for the druggings, in part because the men fail to go to the hospital to get a blood test to prove the presence of the drugs.

So guys, if you’re drinking in Nashville, be careful when you’re talking to strange women. (Actually, that’s good advice no matter where you’re drinking.)

But in all seriousness, always stay aware of your surroundings, and make sure to watch what you’re drinking. Because as Nashville grows, more and more people are going to come here looking for easy targets. It’s a fucked up world, and it’s sad that people are taking advantage of folks who are just coming to Nashville to have a good time.

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