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Camping World Bowl Stocks Pallets And Pallets Of Busch Light Ahead Of Iowa State/Notre Dame Game… But Is It Enough?

In my experience, you can never underestimate the amount of Busch Light the folks in Iowa can put away. I mean, whatever you think is enough, double it, and then add more.

During the 2017 Liberty Bowl, Iowa State fans drank the entire city of Memphis completely dry. At last year’s Alamo Bowl, Busch Light sent an emergency response team to San Antonio in an effort to make sure Iowa State fans didn’t run out of cold Busch Light. This year, the Camping World Bowl isn’t leaving anything up to chance.

According to Twitter, they did a little holiday shopping over the weekend.

However, despite their best efforts,  Iowa folks aren’t convinced this will be enough.

Some fans even broke out the calculators.

Doesn’t sounds like enough.

I guess we’ll find out on December 28th…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock