Tyler Childers Talks Some Sense Into Fighting Fans: “This Is A Concert, Not An MMA Event… Jesus Christ”

Nothing like a good country love song to get a couple hillbillies in the mood to throw hands.

At a recent show in Boston, the same show where he performed Charlie Daniels’ “Trudy,” Tyler Childers had to call on another set of skills that he has. Crowd control. While performing the romantic fan favorite “Lady May,” Tyler was about halfway through when people start fighting in the audience.

“Hey all of you right there, that’s got your hands one each other, how fuckin’ old are you? Ya’ll are actin’ like a bunch of damn hillbillies,” he said with a bit of a laugh. “That’s seriously got to stop though. I do promise you whatever is happening in the small circle around you, there’s a lot of people in here asshole to elbow and chances are a lot of them really don’t care what you’re doing. If you want to do that, there’s a big ol’ street out there with plenty of room. This is a ticketed event, this is a concert, not an MMA fight so… Jesus Christ.”

And then he picked up right where he left off, without missing a note.

Tyler Childers ladies and gentleman: Singer, songwriter, poet, peacekeeper.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock