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The Hillbilly Hot Toddy Is Almost All Jim Beam and Jack Daniel’s and Your Worries Gone

I love a good Hot Toddy.

I just made myself one the other day. Worst part? Making it. Gotta find the right tea, the right bourbon, the right amount of honey, wait for the tea to be ready, blah, blah.

Sometimes we don’t have time for that. Enter the Hillbilly Hot Toddy.

No need to get fancy spending all kinds of money on cinnamon sticks, gourmet tea bags, and star anise. This recipe simplifies one of the best winter cocktails, making it easier to get completely blind without the extra stress of boiling water.

What you’ll need…

– A jug of Arizona tea, sweetened. Yes, they say you can microwave their tea and it’s already crazy sweet, so don’t worry about wasting all your honey on this Hot Toddy like I did last weekend. 

– A fifth of Jim Beam

– A fifth of Jack Daniel’s

– Fresh lemon if you feel like being an adult

What to do…

1. MICROWAVE, yes I said microwave, enough tea in a BIG mug so it’s piping hot and ONLY fills the mug about 1/3 of the way.

2. Fill 1/3 of the remaining mug with Jim Beam

3. Fill the remaining 1/3 of the mug with Jack Daniel’s. A nice little topper, if you will. Take a taste? Not hot enough? Microwave quickly again.

4. Feeling fancy? Squeeze a lemon into the mixture, and drop that lemon wedge right in there to add a little extra lemon-y flavor.

Alternate method…

Pour a shit-ton of the jug tea into a big ol’ pot and bring up to a near boil. Turn off. Pour in a fifth of Jack. Pour in a fifth of Jim and drop some lemon slices in there (to be an adult). NOW THE WHOLE FAMILY IS READY TO BLACKOUT AND FORGET WHAT THEY’RE THERE TO ARGUE ABOUT.

This drink is basically a coffee mug full of hot bourbon and whiskey, with a touch of tea – NOT the other way around. This is how the holidays are meant to be spent…blind on the Hillbilly Hot Toddy.

Merry Christmas to all!

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