Christmas Ornament Cocktails Are A Must-Have For Any Holiday Party

Boozy Christmas ornaments.

It’s a thing of beauty.

Not only do whiskey-filled ornaments add a touch of country chic to your Christmas tree, you can just pop one of those bad boys off and take a swig if you’ve had a long day. In-laws driving you nuts? Sneak over to the tree, take a swig, put the empty bauble on the backside and BAM, back to the party with a little more liquid courage, ready to field those questions about why you don’t make enough money.

While those are mostly decorative, let’s take a look at some actual recipes for Christmas ornament cocktails, a must-have for any holiday party.

Jingle Ball Cocktails

Here’s what to do:

Cotton Candy Snowballs

Here’s what to do:

Peppermint Ornament Cocktails

Here’s what to do: