Ronnie Dunn Delivers Masterful Cover Of Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight”

Is there anything Ronnie Dunn can’t sing? (The answer is no).

As the latest release from his upcoming cover album Re-Dunn, Ronnie had a go at the great Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight” from his 1977 album, Slowhand. The song was originally written for Pattie Boyd, who would go on to marry Clapton in 1979.

“I used to drive back and forth from Tulsa to Nashville with Eric Clapton’s drummer, Jamie Oldaker,” Dunn says in an interview with Billboard. “He would tell me great Eric stories and I would give him country music quiz’s by listening to the radio. Jamie told me how Eric wrote ‘Wonderful Tonight’ for Patty.”

Re-Dunn is set for release on January 10th of next year, featuring 24 covers including “I Won’t Back Down,” “Amarillo By Morning,” and more.

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