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Tesla To Launch Electric “Cyberquad” ATV That Charges In The Bed Of Their Cybertruck Pickup

If you thought Tesla was just releasing an electric pickup truck from Mars, guess again.

Cybertruck is also looking offer some additional attachments and accessories, including a trailer, camper, and the new Cyberquad electric ATV. Elon has since confirmed that the ATV will be available in 2021, the same time as the Cybertruck. He also hinted at the possibility of a dirt bike as well. The Cyberquad also plugs into the Cybertruck while it’s in the bed, so if you’re transporting it to wherever you plan to ride, you can also be charging.

Anyone else love how they’re calling it an “accessory” to the Cybertruck?

“Let’s do the leather interior, maybe some satellite radio, butt-warmers in the seats, and oh yeah, can you throw in the ATV option too?  I want that. Thanks.”

Still, it’s pretty cool eh?

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock