Starbucks Employee Quits With Amazing “F*ck This, I Quit” Song About His Awful Manager

What a legend.

According to the New York Post, Anesti Danelis quit his barista job last week, but he didn’t just tell the manager that he was moving on to greener pastures. No, he wrote his manager an entire song, affectionately titled, “Fuck This, I Quit.”

“I feel free, and like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders,” he says. “I can definitely relate to the genie from Aladdin now that I have my freedom.”

Based on the lyrics in the song, Danelis’ manager seemed to be a pretty shady character.

“You can take that time that you tried to get the company to fire me for doing something that you told me to do. Or that time that I said that I wanted to work towards a promotion but you laughed in my face and you said that I am never getting a promotion . . . and shove it up your large bumhole! (Sorry, venti bumhole.)”

Unfortunately for Danelis though, his manager wasn’t present for the epic performance, so he sent it to his manager in a company group chat. Needless to say, he was promptly removed from the chat.

He walked in a simple Starbucks barista, and he left… a hero.

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