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David Bergman

Luke Combs Is The Heartbreak Healer We Don’t Deserve

Saying that Luke Combs’ rise to stardom this year has made him a household name may just be the understatement of the year. He’s the biggest thing in country music right now.

Ever since the release of his break-out single “Hurricane” in 2015, Luke has spent the last 4 years serenading crowds, melting hearts, topping charts, packing venues and shattering records. Whether you’re drinking a beer or casting a line, Luke’s got a song for that. But his most underrated attribute has got to be his uncanny ability to have a track for every kind of heartbreak that you might face.

Lost a loved one? Luke’s got you. Dog ran away? He’s gonna come running with his guitar. Boyfriend ran off with your best friend and you see her wearing that shirt you left on his floor? Luke’s on his way, and he’s bringing a 6 pack to share. Whether you drown you sorrows in wine, whiskey, or a bubble bath, from This One’s For You to his newly released album What You See Is What You Get, put these songs on your sappy playlist, and let Luke heal your heartbreak and soothe your soul.

“Even Though I’m Leaving”

What You See Is What You Get

The hit single off his new record dives head first into the pain of saying goodbye to a loved one. Luke reminds us that even when the people we love are gone, they’re always with us, bringing a little comfort and perspective to those heart-wrenching goodbyes.

“Used to You”

Used to You – Single

Released as a single in early 2017, this song showcases Luke’s vocal range in an emotional ballad that is almost oddly soothing. It accurately speaks to the reality that you can get used to the individual aspects of losing someone, in Luke’s case his grandfather, but the one thing time won’t touch is that emptiness of them being gone. And if you’re feeling that way too, just know that you’re not alone.

“Dear Today”

What You See Is What You Get

Not a single yet, but damn I hope it is someday. The beginning sounds like an iPhone recording from his basement, but transforms into a steel-soaked masterpiece throughout the middle before reverting back to the “basement” for the end. A bold production choice that I can’t enough of. However, in true Luke spirit, the lyrics hit home to serve as a sobering reminder that you just can’t take a single day for granted.

“Lonely One”

This One’s For You

Quite possibly the most underrated single from Luke so far, this song deserves a lot more credit and air time. It speaks to the fact that we all have heartbreak, all of us. It’s just asking to be belted out at 2am after one too many drink-him-away doubles at the local watering hole. If you know, you know.

“She Got The Best of Me”

This One’s For You Too (Deluxe Edition)

My dad said it best, and Luke clearly agrees so he’s got to be right: Every person you give your heart to keeps a piece when it ends. This getting-over-them narrative comes across as a letter to your new love and addresses the simple fact that sometimes when you give someone your all, it still doesn’t work. In love and in life, if you go all in, you might just end up a little empty. And yet somehow, this melody is just so damn catchy that even if you’re not going through a heartbreak, you’re still singing along.

“Beer Never Broke My Heart”

What You See Is What You Get

Can we just take a minute to appreciate that we were given this single mid-summer, pre-album release? No matter what kind of loss you’re drowning, whether it be a promotion at work, or your summer heart throb, Luke reminds us that there’s one thing we can all count on – that longneck ice cold beer. Little louder for the people in the back.

“When It Rains It Pours”

This One’s For You

This couldn’t be an article about Luke’s heart-healing hits if we didn’t include this track. The up-tempo Summer ’17 hit reminds us that even though bad things often come one after another, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. And hey, at least you don’t have to deal with that future mother-in-law anymore.

So whether you heal your heartbreak by crying your way through a Grey’s Anatomy marathon with a pint (or two) of ice cream, or by tipping a few back until you forget about it entirely, make sure you invite Mr. Combs to the party and I guarantee you, you’ll be singing your way back to healed heart in no time at all.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock