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Self-Quarantine With The Hillbilly Sangria

Across the pond, in the beautiful country of Spain, they have this little thing called Kalimotxo (calimocho) and it’s extremely simple, yet extremely tasty.

You just mix equal parts Coke and some shitty red wine. That’s it.

Now, I’m going to refer to it as hillbilly sangria going forward, just because it reminds me of the Hillbilly Margarita (Mountain Dew and tequila) but while we’re changing things up, let’s go ahead and swap out a Coke for the 23 delicious flavors of Dr Pepper.

All you need is a little Dr P, some shitty red wine, and BAM, your new favorite happy hour drink. Maybe it’s your go home alone after work drink, your I just feeling like having a drink because it’s Tuesday drink… whatever the reason is, you’re going to love it. Maybe throw in a slice of lemon if you’re feelin’ fancy.

You’re welcome.

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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock