Shirtless (And Probably Drunk) LSU Fan Photobombs Reporter On Live TV

LSU won the game, but this guy is the real MVP.

The Tigers went out and kicked Georgia in the dick during the SEC championship game, beating the Bulldogs 37-10. With LSU headed to the playoffs, fans were obviously pretty excited… and drunk.

During a live shot from New Orleans, one guy provided the perfect backdrop for a WWLTV reporter just trying to do her job and talk about LSU fans celebrating their team’s big win. Shoutout to her for maintaining her composure though, this clearly isn’t her first run-in with some obnoxious fans.

Shirtless, clearly shitfaced, and doing some version of Blanco Brown’s “Git Up,” this guy’s living his best life. I’m going to need a camera on him after the next game if LSU keeps rolling.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock