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Kid Rock Named Grand Marshal Of Nashville-Area Christmas Parade

Nobody in Leiper’s Fork watch the news these days, eh?

According to the Tennessean, Kid Rock was named the grand marshal for this year’s Christmas parade in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee, a small village about 25 miles outside of Nashville.

If you remember back to last Christmas, Kid Rock was removed from his grand marshal role at Nashville’s Christmas parade after calling Joy Behar a “bitch” on the news. He then went on to participate in the Leiper’s Fork parade, however, this year, they’re doubling down and naming him grand marshal.

Of course, just last week Kid Rock made headlines after his drunken rant at his own Nashville bar went viral. He called out Oprah Winfrey, Joy Behar and others, telling them to “suck dick sideways.” He then followed up his rant with an unapologetic statement that said, “I have a big mouth and I drink too much… shocker.”

Kid Rock clearly doesn’t give a shit what anybody thinks, but these days, it’s a bit of a head-scratcher to see someone who has drawn so much public criticism receive a title like Grand Marshal of a Christmas parade. Even if it’s just a small village outside of Nashville.

Either way, it looks like Mr. Rock is going to be getting back to work very soon.

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