Best Buy Employee Does His Best Stone Cold Steve Austin For Employee Pump Up Speech

Best Buy does not fuck around when it comes to their Black Friday sale.

Best Buy Store #0778, AKA Tupelo Mississippi, was getting hyped for the big Black Friday circus they were about to endure this past weekend when a manager hopped on top of the counter, cued up the Stone Cold Steve Austin entrance music and went to town on a couple of Monster Energy drinks (apparently it’s frowned upon to down a couple Miller Lite tall boys before your shift, I get it).

And while he got more on the floor than he did in his mouth, I can’t help but think this Best Buy kicked their local Walmart’s ass last weekend. After that hype show, how could you not want to get out on the floor and start slinging flat screens like it’s nobody’s business?

Amazon was on the verge of putting Best Buy out of business for good, but with employees like this guy, they just might make it another 5-7 years.

Hell, go ahead and make him the CEO.

And then there’s this guy…

Seriously though, what the hell are they snorting over in the break room at Best Buy these days…

h/t: Barstool

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