Dill Pickle Candy Canes Are Back And You Need Them In Your Life

Hope everyone out there had a great Thanksgiving. Now we move on to Dill Pickle Candy Cane season.

Every year this crazy item has people losing their minds as they stock up before they sell out. The briny treat has returned, but you might have to act fast as they have sold out quickly in past years. A couple spots with them available right now are Archie McPhee and Amazon.

From Archie McPhee:

On Christmas Eve, Santa Pickle gets into his barrel and rolls around the world delivering pickled vegetables to all the good boys and girls. That’s right, it’s Santa Pickle! In the spirit of his briny generosity, we present our dill-flavored Pickle Candy Canes. They are a beautiful Christmas green color that pairs perfectly on your tree next to the regular red candy canes. Or, even better, next to our Bacon Candy Canes! If you have someone on your Christmas list who isn’t into the sweet as much as the savory, this is the perfect alternative to mint. You’ll get six pickle-flavored canes in each box, beautifully decorated with the friendly image of Santa Pickle.

So, who wants some?

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock