Flatland Cavalry Release “Sober Heart Of Mine” From New Compilation Album Featuring Evan Felker & More

Flatland Cavalry’s sophomore smash Homeland Insecurity has been a constant staple in my rotation this year and the talented group from Lubbock, Texas, is now back with another gem.

“Sober Heart Of Mine,” is a track on Bruce Robison’s newly released The Next Waltz Vol. 2 compilation album featuring Evan Felker, William Clark Green, Carson McHone, and others.

“It’s always the song,” says Bruce in the videos intro. “It’s those stories that are in the song and it’s the vibe, and it’s always that far away. That’s the beauty of it, everybody is just one song away.”

The album also features Evan Felker’s “Whiskey In Your Water,” the first we’ve heard from him since Turnpike announced their hiatus last year (although it was recorded prior).

The Next Waltz Vol. 2 was released this past Friday, November 29th, and I promise you, it’s well worth the listen.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock