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9-Year-Old Girl Writes Emotional Letter to Sam Hunt After DUI Arrest

This one will hit you right in the feels.

9-year-old Khloe Waller, who lives in Hendersonville, Tennessee, almost lost her dad to a drunk driver in 2018. So when she heard that one of her favorite singers, Sam Hunt, had been arrested for DUI, Khloe decided to write a letter warning Hunt of the consequences of drinking and driving, and begging him not to do it again.

Metro Police confirmed to Fox 17 that Khloe’s dad, Justin, was hit head-on while riding his motorcycle by a wrong way driver who ended up being arrested for DUI.

In the letter, Khloe tells Hunt that she heard he was drinking and driving, “and not too long ago my dad got hit by a drunk driver and he was in the hospital for months.” Khloe goes on to warn that “that little thing can change your whole life” because it changed her and her family’s lives. Khloe ends her letter with a simple request: “Please don’t drink and drive. From your biggest fan, Khloe Waller.”

Khloe’s mom, Deanna, says that she’s been trying to get the letter to Sam Hunt on social media, but so far she hasn’t received a response.

In 2019, there’s absolutely no excuse to drink and drive – especially when you’re somebody like Sam Hunt who has a team of people who would come pick you up. Call an Uber, sleep it off, do anything but get behind the wheel and put innocent people in danger. Innocent people like Khloe, who knows all-too-well the effects of drinking and driving.

Hopefully Khloe’s letter finds its way to Sam Hunt, because it may just make him think twice about getting behind the wheel after drinking again.

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