Dad Screaming At His Crying Kid While Trying To Deep Fry A Turkey For The First Time Is The Most Relatable Thing On The Internet

Classic dad moment right there.

If you’re a parent you get it, of you’re a kid you get it, never in the history of the internet has 13 seconds felt so close to home for just about all of us.

The frustration of the dad trying to do something for the first time not really knowing what he’s doing but trying to act like it, the inherent danger that’s involved with deep frying a turkey, the crying kid, the mom starting the video with “alright” like every single mom in the history of the universe, and finally dad reaching his boiling point much like the oil in the pot.

If this video doesn’t scream “family during the holidays,” I don’t know what does.

Hopefully he didn’t burn his house down…

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